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Blue cave tours during Covid 19

To be honest – not that much. If anything, it has made it better for the most of guests. Ongoing Covid19 pandemic influences almost every business in the world, but tourism/travel has taken one of the biggest blows amongst all. Travelling is heavily restricted, especially between countries, let alone between continents. Some people have lost […]

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Day trips from Split, Croatia- Boat excursions Split

Boat day trips from Split - All in one place Split, being a seaside city, offers a lot of fun stuff to do out at the sea. There are boat excursions, adventure & adrenaline activities and rent-a-boat services. We'll try to get them all in our blog series, for you to find them easier than [...]

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Visit Blue cave Croatia – an excursion or sea taxi?

Learn the difference There are so many tour operators offering the visit to the world-famous Blue cave. How to distinguish the proper tour/excursion from a glorified water taxi service?! Well, it's not much of a brainer, really: a water taxi would take you from destination A to destination B (and C and D, etc). And [...]

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Caves of Vis island – more than just the Blue cave

Learn about all the amazing island Vis caves To start with featured photo explanation- we love caves, we love boats, we LOVE Nick Cave and his Boatman's call! Besides the Blue cave Croatia (which is actually NOT located on Vis island, but rather Biševo island, right behind Vis itself) there are other interesting caves and [...]

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Blue cave Croatia description- THE LIGHT IN THE STONE

About the book "The light in the stone" - Blue cave Croatia description ("U kamenu svjetlo") by Joško Bužanić Blue cave Croatia Blue cave Croatia Blue cave Croatia „U kamenu svjetlo“ („The light in the stone“) is not just a rarity, it's a phenomenon in Croatia. It is a book about the Blue cave on [...]

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Veni vidi VICI

Blue cave trip Author’s note: we wish to thank, all of us at SplitSeaTours, all of you whom have decided to honor us with trusting us with a day of your lives. THANK YOU, hope to see you next year. Angelo, SST CEO

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Season 2017. Start – it has begun in style!

  So, what do the guests have to say so far? You don’t have to believe us, see for yourselves what our first guests of the Season 2017 had to say: You can click on any of them to take you to their TripAdvisor location.     Conclusion: it seems it’s been a good decision. […]

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Sailing Croatia – DTC Tour with MB Pogled

Sailing on a wooden boat A few things could show you more of our amazing country, its islands and pristine clear sea than a week of sailing on a traditional wooden ship. Owned, captained and managed by local people. Just to be straightforward- we have no gain from this post, except pleasure of telling you [...]

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Parking in Split – Valet service

New service in Split As you might have already found out, finding an appropriate parking in Split city centre could be almost impossible task. That's why we came up with an idea- Valet service Split. Problem: Even if you manage to find a parking space, it will not be free nor close to your hotel. [...]

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Blue cave Croatia tour from Split – true lies

Post season revelations We have seen and read a lot of pre-season articles about the Blue cave tour a.k.a. Five islands tour from Split, and this is our point of view after yet another season has added to our experience and tought us many new things. Take note some articles floating arount the Word Wide Web were [...]

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