We are a team – Split boat excursions experts

All for one, one for all. That’s how we roll. We are many, and it’s a good thing to have a legion on your side while away from home 🙂

Angelo - CEO

Owner and CEO, 21 years in business. Professional with massive experience. Worked in every single field of tourism, from marinas to hotels.
Your first contact with us, the person you meet before the tour, the man behind it all. An All-round-clown, basically.

Tino - Saso Mange Captain

Lead skipper – started sailing more than a decade ago.
An engineer who earned a diploma at the Faculty of Maritime Studies.
Fluent in English, very calm and polite, knows every wave, every hidden gem, every beach, and every bay.

Pia - Saso Mange Chief stew

The company’s MVP, the only reason the lead skipper Tino still has his job.
The two are an item, he is a captain, but she runs the tour.
And their lives.
Extremely professional, tireless, and guest-oriented.

Luka - Chef

THE cook!
Responsible for the most delicious home-cooked meal you would have the pleasure of having on any tour.
Proud of his mastery, rightfully so.

Tina - MD

Company’s Managing director, and chief sales(wo)man.
Head of the Pirate ship operations.
10 years in the business, hardworking and a straight shooter.
Angelo’s sister.

Yellow - Me Mangava Captain

A professional sailor (has been sailing since still in pre-school) and a speedboat skipper.
The 2nd funniest person in the company, plays more than a few instruments.
Goes by the nickname “Yellow” – you’ll understand when you see him.
Don’t try to pet him, he’ll fall in love with you, and you’ll have to take him with you.

Rex - Me Mangava 1st stew

One day he showed up at one of the boats, and after realizing he’s been sailing for a few years + was fluent in English + knowing a lot about mechanics = he was hired on the spot.
The youngest member of the Team, we’re looking forward to watching him grow (facial hair, too, One day. Maybe)

Bojan - Chef

The cook, the supply manager, THE MAN.
A man hugely responsible for making the DeLuxe Blue cave tour what it is now.
In our opinion – the most important person in the history of the company 🙂
Angelo’s dearest friend, co-owns the Milna bay house.

What MAKES US different – an honest company

We don’t claim to be the best, but we try to be unique and we do our best to do it. We are boat excursions Split experts.
We do not play games with your time, money, and patience. We deliver. We talk the talk and walk the walk.
We are far from perfect, but would bend the fabric of the Universe to make your day with as close to perfection as possible!
We own our boats, we are NOT middlemen nor mediators – passing you over to who knows whom – we do the tours ourselves!

+21 Years of experience

We started a long time ago, in 2001. We were just teenagers and worked for others in hotels, hostels, campsites, and marinas. We managed other agencies before deciding it was time to grow up and claim our own. Our youth combined with years of experience and sheer quantity of our guests make us boat excursions Split ideal choice

+99000 Customers

Every season we have over 2000 guests on all of our tours combined. Trust us here- there’s nobody with that kind of personal contact with tourists in Split, not even remotely. And, we try to meet every single one of them personally, on boats, vehicles city tours, or check-in.

24/7 Support

We are on standby all day. You can reach us online or via phone (Whatsapp, Viber, or Skype) almost any time. If we’re not there for you that instant, due to different sides of the world, we’re fast to contact you back. Give us a try, a run for our money, so to speak.

Constant improvement

We really do our best to be different, and the way we do it is to constantly re-imagine and upgrade our offer and our tours. We either get new boats and cars or add extra incentives for our guests (lunch, snorkeling gear, refreshments, etc).

Small groups tours

We keep our tour groups small, unlike any other agency we do not want to have 100 guests each day. We know the equation: More guests = more money, but also = lesser tour quality
We are like a private school: Smaller classrooms = more attention to every pupil. 🙂

Love for the job

What used to be a job, quickly turned into love. Before it was a job it was a hobby. We love tourism, enjoy visitors, and love meeting different people from all over the world.

We don’t see this as a job, it’s a lifestyle for us.

Best boats

Our boats are 2nd to none!
New, custom-built, well kept, strong, reliable, and comfortable.
Fully equipped for a day at the sea.


We are the ONLY company in this part of our country owning a private restaurant, and taking you there – IN THE PRICE.
Like that’s not enough, our Dida Luka restaurant is #1 Tripadvisor restaurant on Vis island 🙂