PRICE EXPLANATION of the PRIVATE DeLuxe Blue cave tour

EXPENSES Breakdown

PRIVATE DeLuxe Blue cave tour is almost the same as the group tour with some advantages:

  1. Only you and your friends/family – no other guests
  2. Choosing the departure and return time
  3. Changing the itinerary to your liking
  4. Free boat pick-up is available if possible
  5. Rate: From 1500,00 €

What makes us different?

Like with plane flights: we are First class, the others are Economy class.

PRIVATE RESTAURANT in a secluded bay

1500 eur includes

Surcharge per person

Lunch location – Milna, Vis island – “DIDA LUKA” – our PRIVATE restaurant, #1 rated on TripAdvisor on the entire island. 

We have created your HOME AWAY FROM HOME

All the other “blue cave tour” agencies and boat owners have decided to cut everything out from their tours, except a bottle of water.
Some have even excluded the Blue cave admission in order to lower the price and make their offer more appealing to you.
Since we realize this is 100 nautical miles and 10-11 hours long tour – we’ve decided to include even more items/services, such as drinks, towels, food, etc.
We don’t believe in “tourist trap” restaurants, so we’ve decided to open up our own – DIDA LUKA on Vis island, Milna bay.
The food is so fresh and delicious, that we’ve actually managed to become the TOP RATED restaurant on the entire island.
Click on the TripAdvisor icon to see what others say about our food.

Food and drinks


Her majesty – Traditional Dalmatian Peka dish

To start the day and get you through it BREAKFAST & DRINKS 

On the boat, we’ve made sure you have some food to start the day and plenty of drinks, too.
Different products from our local bakery (croissants, doughnuts, bagels, etc).
A variety of drinks (wine, beer, sodas, soft drinks, water, etc).
Remember, this is NOT a booze cruise, and it’s NOT “all-you-can-drink-party” but there’s plenty to drink.
NOTE: COFFE & TEA ARE NOT SERVED ON THE BOAT; it’s impossible to have a coffee maker at the high-velocity vessel!

Destinations we visit – see the timeline HERE