Parking in Split – Valet service

New service in Split

As you might have already found out, finding an appropriate parking in Split city centre could be almost impossible task. That’s why we came up with an idea- Valet service Split.


Even if you manage to find a parking space, it will not be free nor close to your hotel. That means a lot of walking, struggling your way with luggage amongst all of those tourists crowding the narrow streets of Split. AND paying for the parking the same price or even more than we charge.


It’s quite simple, so let us show you how it works: When you have found accommodation to your liking, you’d want your car to be taken care of..

1) Step 1 – Just drop us an E-mail and let us know:

  • Date of your arrival
  • Approximate time of your arrival
  • Name of your hotel (or the addres of your accommodation unit)
  • Date of the departure

2)  Step 2 – Receive a reply with instructions:

  • We’ll advise you exactly how to reach your destination
  • We’ll send you the name and contact of your designated valet

3) Step 3 – Book using Credit Card or PayPal:

  • Once you have confirmed by paying for the service, you’re done.
  • A voucher would be mailed to you as a confirmation of service

4) Step 4 – Meet your valet in front of your hotel/apartment

  • Just drive to your destination, and you’ll find your designated valet waiting for you
  • Take your luggage and belongings from your car, and hand the valet your car keys
  • Let the valet know when eould you need your car to be delivered to you
  • If wanted, you can order car washing or fueling up the gas tank (prices are listed on the Valet Service Split page)

So, BE SMART, make your vacation simpler.

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