Caves of Vis island – more than just the Blue cave

Learn about all the amazing island Vis caves

To start with featured photo explanation- we love caves, we love boats, we LOVE Nick Cave and his Boatman’s call!

Besides the Blue cave Croatia (which is actually NOT located on Vis island, but rather Biševo island, right behind Vis itself) there are other interesting caves and attractions.

We are going to write a blog series dedicated to islands visited on our tour, and we’ll start in order we visit them: Biševo, Vis, Rukavac, Hvar, Paklinski islands.
To be fair, Vis is the most interesting one, being secluded and isolated throughout its history, and being more distant from Split.

We are going to skip Biševo island for now: We feel a lot has been written about the Blue cave itself, and we shall dedicate the very last chapter to the highlight of our DeLuxe Blue cave tour and to the lonesome island of Biševo per se.

Also, we are going to make this blog series cover specific themes like for Vis (caves, beaches, hidden attractions) or/and Hvar island (beaches, history, clubs etc).

So, let’s begin, shall we?

Chapter 1: Caves of Vis island

Green cave

Green cave

The Green cave (Croatian: Zelena Špilja) is located on a smaller island of Ravnik near Vis, a part of Vis archipelago. It is bigger than the Blue cave Biševo, and the entrance is at the south-west of Ravnik. Sunlight penetrates through the smallish hole on the ceiling of the cave itself, creating the fascinating green color reflecting from the sea and cave walls. That’s actually where the name came from. Entrance is big enough for the boats to go inside, and swimming is, unlike inside of the Blue cave, allowed. NOT free for public anymore, but that’s another story, we have already explained the government foul play. 🙁

Zelena špilja


Queen's cave


Queen’s cave

The Queen’s cave (Croatian: Kraljičina Špilja) is located on the northern side of the island, it is a Neolithic and younger Bronze age archeological findings location. Entrance is 2 x 3 meters, entering hall is approx 10 x 14 meters. Its name comes from a legend claiming it was a home to Illiryc queen Teuta. The composition of the cave is quite royal: it consists of 5 halls and corridors connecting them. Some of the cave channels are still unexplored. The Queen’s cave is gorgeous but much harder to access than other caves, and it is not a sea cave like others on the list, it takes an hour by foot along the narrow path, east of small village Oključna.

Kraljičina špilja


Tito's cave


Tito’s cave

Croatian: Titova Špilja) is located beneath “Hum”, tallest peak of Vis, it was previously known as “Ghost’s cave”. The name came from the fact ex Yugoslavia’s president Tito was there while the cave served as an HQ of Partisans’ army. Tito sought shelter after Nazi troops tried to kill him in Drvar, and he spent 1944. in the cave (equipped and refurbished to provide safe and comfortable stay for one of the most powerful men in the world at the time). This is where he set off to meet Winston Churchill and Stalin from.

Titova špilja


Sea bear cave


Sea bear cave

The Medvidina Cave, along with Berulia beach was once the habitat of the Mediterranean Monk Seal (thus the name “Medvid” = bear in Dalmatian slang). The Mediterranean monk seal is species of seal and one of the most endangered mammals. In this region, they also go by as “Morski medvid” (sea bear) or “Morski čovik” (sea man). Fishermen disliked them as they often destroyed their nets. It disappeared from the Adriatic Coast in the 1960s, however, we have been able to see it lately, especially along the Istrian coast. The cave is located on the southern side of the Biševo island, and it has been protected since 1967.

Medvidina špilja


An honorable mention – the Titan of all island Vis caves – THE Blue cave

Blue cave, the highlight of our DeLuxe Blue cave tour, and the main reason so many guests book our tour and visit Split and Dalmatia is a story for itself. In a nutshell – it’s a natural phenomenon, one of the most beautiful gifts from Mother Nature, one of only a few in the world. Although small, it is truly gorgeous, dazzling and breathtaking, a sight to be seen, no doubt about it! Here’s preview, although photos and videos do her no justice!

NOTE: Blue cave part of the video starts at 03:07

SplitSeaTours Blue cave