Frequently asked questions

Well, you can pay after you receive an invoice by us, upon your booking inquiry. You can do it using online payment and/or using PayPal. And, for booking any of our tours, you can pay only deposit of 20%, while the rest can be paid before the departure of the tour.

Unfortunately not. Payment is done via PayPal, wire transfer or cash.

When you fill out “tour cart”requested fields, we’ll get an E-mail inquiry.

According to that, we’ll send your invoice based on the provided data.

Another easy question: you’ll get an E-mail, SMS/Whatsapp/Viber etc confirmation, and a booking voucher.

Any tour can be cancelled or postponed up to 48 hours prior to departure. That way you can get full refund, exchange for some other tour or you can postpone for some other day more suitable to your free time arrangements.

Canceling within 48h prior to the departure time gives us the right to keep 50% of your down payment as compensation.

Canceling within 24h prior to the departure time gives us the right to keep 100% of your down payment as a compensation.

Well, we always try to keep in touch with our guests by exchanging full contact data: E-mails, phone numbers, accommodation address and contacts. If you are running late or not showing up, we’d appreciate if you called us you’re running late or similar. That way we can make an estimate can we find the time to wait for you, in order for you not to miss your tour. If you just do not show up, unfortunately, you lose your deposit (same as missing your flight, eg).

Since we are talking about a boat tour at the sea, only thing that could prevent tour from happening is non-adequate weather forecast. In that case, you’d be informed and offered few options: full refund, postponing for some other day, or booking some other tour. If the weather gets bad during the tour itself (rise of the wind and waves, heavy rain etc), since it lasts for almost 12 hours, our captains reserve the right to alter the route and/or destinations after consulting with management and you (guests on board) because safety of our passengers always comes first. If by any chance the Blue cave itself gets closed due to the unfavourable weather conditions during the tour, guests would be refunded the Blue cave admission fee.


No really, why us?!

Personal touch

We correspond and meet every single guest in person
We bring your breakfast and drinks
We wash your towels and clean your snorkeling gear
Our skippers are from the Blue cave island

Small groups

We do not do nor we want to do the tours with 50, 60 or 100 guests per tour. We go with 12 people in average, max 14.

Grilled lunch on Vis island

Grilled lunch with drinks- live fire makes your food taste delicious and as home made as possible.
Furthermore, it is enjoyed in a private bay without 10000 other boats & guests

The reason we started our own business is a desire to work with smaller number of guests at the time. It’s not because we’re afraid of hard work; it’s due to our desire to pay more attention to each guest. And that’s why we meet each and every guest of ours in person, and why actively participate in our tours ourselves.

We divide our time between office and field work. We answer your E-mails, we explain our offer in person at our outposts at Split’s waterfront promenade, we help you with your luggage/parking/bus schedule/restaurant recommendations/city maps etc. We meet you in the morning before tour’s departure, bring you your desired refreshment and we welcome you back when the tour is finished.

We really believe our rates are fair and properly calculated. Every tour of ours took time to plan, effort, manpower and resources to even be possible. VAT, vehicles cost, fuel, guide’s diplomas, office rental and staff paychecks are the reason why we take ourselves seriously. So that is why you get what you paid for.