Why is a Power/speed boat needed?

In order to get to Brač or Hvar,  or especially Vis and Blue cave you need a Powerboat/speedboat.
Powerboats navigate at approx 24 knots, meaning 24 miles per hour.
Any other type of boat (sailing boat, motor boat) has a 6-8 knots cruising speed
Here’s the table for an easier comparison, IN EACH/ONE DIRECTION:
  • Now you see why a day tour by any other boat than a speedboat is not a smart idea = you’d be wasting a huge majority of your day just getting there and back = leaving you with little or no time to enjoy the desired destinations themselves.
  • Not to mention visiting multiple destinations/islands (as done on our tours) is literally impossible without a powerboat.

The issue is – regardless of the size of the Powerboat, Croatian laws limit them to 12 passengers + crew. 
Ours are amongst the biggest and most spacious ones in Croatia (12m/37ft) but..
And that’s why you need multiple boats for larger groups.