Others are Economy class, We’re the 1st class!


See what you’re paying for. It actually saves you money, effort & time

Since every smart person chooses wisely how and where to spend their time & money, we feel this would be the easiest way to describe the differences between our all-inclusive DeLuxe Blue cave tour and other agencies’ price dumping/quality reducing cheaper Blue cave tours. The best way to explain the differences is to compare them side by side. Before you choose the one you like and can afford, see what you’re getting for your money.

The difference of average 10-20 € (Deluxe tour compared with everyone else’s Blue cave tours) is, as you can see, well exceeded, without counting snorkeling gear and towels in. 🙂

And, last but not least, you do not have to worry or think about any of this stuff, your only “job” is to relax and enjoy the tour.

Oh, one more thing- to clarify the cost:

1)   Bottled water: 1,00 € per bottle (2-3 per guest), avg 2,50 € per person
2)   Beer: 1,50 € per can CLICK TO SEE
3)   Wine: 4,00 € per glass (we buy 8,00 € bottles) CLICK TO SEE
4)   Coca Cola / Fanta / Sprite: 1,00 € per person
5)   Pastry: 2,50 € per person (every guest has at least 2) CLICK TO SEE
6)   Ice tea: 1,50 € per bottle
7)   Ice-cream: 1,50 € per person
8)   Blue cave admission: 9,50 € per person
9)   LUNCH: 20,00 € per person CLICK TO SEE
10)  ADDITIONAL DRINKS during the lunch CLICK TO SEE
11)   Snorkeling gear (every month new ones, 22,00 € each)  CLICK TO SEE
12)   Towels (every few weeks new ones, 24,00 € each)  CLICK TO SEE
13)   Wind jackets (brand new ones, 159,00 € each) CLICK TO SEE

Although we have FAQ page, again we're gonna address some issues

1) We do not visit Green cave anymore (starting mid July 2017) due to an unfair move by our government – giving it to a private corporation in the middle of the summer, with the goal of making private profit for some shady people, instead leaving it for all the local people and visitors to enjoy the beauty of one more Croatia’s astonishing site.
4) In case the weather gets bad during the tour in contrary to the weather forecast, we would do everything possible to make the best choices in your favor.
Even if it means heading straight back to Split and refunding your payment. If only the Blue cave is closed, you’d get the admission money back!

If you find ANY OTHER COMPANY with a BETTER offer, we'll give you OUR DeLuxe Blue cave tour for the price of THEIR tour.

If you are convinced, the only thing left for you is to click on the button to the left, and book your DeLuxeBlue Cave tour.