We are one of you – we understand the implications

Coronavirus has changed the world, at least for the time being.

Tourism paradigm has changed so we’ll explain how the tours’ execution and financial segment have been dealt with in our company:

Management, staff, and boats: health issues

* Our employees of any level have been regularly tested and about to be vaccinated once it’s our turn – in Croatia the government has established the “order of vaccination” (starting with elderly, medical personnel, etc.)
* Our boats are cleaned, disinfected, and washed every single day.
Also, we do have disinfecting products on board.

There is a 0% chance you’d get infected during your time with us.

Down payment & refund issue

We understand that different countries have different rules about traveling to and from during Corona19 age, and those are easily changed on regular basis, messing up people’s plans.
If you can’t join us due to some restrictions, please make everyone a favor and let us know – at least 48h prior to your tour start time.
That way we can (try to) re-sell your seats which is very important to us – being a small family-run company and doing the tour with not-so-many-guests per boat (12 max).
* Your down payment would be refunded 100% asap.

Guests on the boats

If  you have booked and participating at our group/shared tours, that means you’re most likely to share your day with with complete strangers. We can not know 100% if every single guest is virus free. For that reason we’ll collect every possenger’s contact details so we can reach any of you in case of need. 

Private tour advantage

If you’d still worried about possible Covid19 “hazard” we recommend booking a private tour.
That means it’s only you and our crew of 2 on the boat.
That effectively brings the possibility of having anyone infected on the boat to a minimum.