APPROXIMATE timelineONLY THE MEETING TIME (07:15h) is strictly fixed
  • We meet at our address – Obala Lazareta 1, 21000 Split. CLICK TO SEE THE LOCATION PAGE
    Strict city center, Right around the corner of  Local Port authority building “Kapetanija“, SOUTH SIDE (towards the islands).

  • We start when everyone is accounted for, seated on the boat and briefed about the day ahead of us.
  • Our 1st destination – the star of the tour – the Blue cave.
    It takes us between 1.5h and 1h 45min to reach it.
    Upon arrival, the crew buys your entrance tickets (in the price) and you’re taken inside by the official government company “Nautical center Komiza” employees.
    Keep in mind they are the ones to regulate the time spent inside and the information about the cave itself.
    The sightseeing of the Blue cave itself is short (5-10) minutes but it’s worth it!
    * NOTE – average number of visitors of the Blue cave goes up to 2000 people per day – waiting in line might occur – although we try to start earlier than anyone else, in order to avoid or minimize it.
  • The 2nd destination – Vis island, Komiza fishermen village.
    Only a few miles from the Blue cave, a charming and peaceful place perfect for the 1st swim of the day, a coffee break or sightseeing mixed with some photo shooting opportunities.
  • Destination 3
    Budikovac island or some other Lagoon of Vis archipelago – we choose one of the less crowded bays/coves.
    We anchor the boat in a pristine bay, in the middle of Adriatic.
    A great spot for swimming, snorkeling (we provide the gear) and sunbathing while enjoying the music and drinks on the boat.
  • Time for the best homemade grilled lunch in Croatia 🙂
    Our own summer home, in our own bay, made by our own chef – just for you.
    No waiting in line, no other companies allowed, no cranky waiters.
    The food is prepared and served the moment you arrive – your crew is in constant contact with the Chef, so it’s grilled to perfection at the moment you’re debarking.

    After lunch, you can swim and snorkel in our bay (towels, snorkeling gear, swimming aids provided), enjoy coffee and ice cream, etc

  • Last, but not least – famous Hvar town.
    Arriving at the city center gives you the opportunity to use your 2h of free time to the fullest.
    You can go for a swim, take a walk around the town and even climb to the hill fortress – the best photo shooting location there is.
    Hvar town is small, no guide needed, but the crew would be happy to explain and tell you what to see and where to go.
  • Home, sweet home.
    Between 18:00h and 18:15h we’re back to Split.

    Thank you for joining us, for trusting us with a day of your life.
    Cheers 😀