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Visit Blue cave Croatia – an excursion or sea taxi?

Learn the difference There are so many tour operators offering the visit to the world-famous Blue cave. How to distinguish the proper tour/excursion from a glorified water taxi service?! Well, it's not much of a brainer, really: a water taxi would take you from destination A to destination B (and C and D, etc). And [...]

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Caves of Vis island – more than just the Blue cave

Learn about all the amazing island Vis caves To start with featured photo explanation- we love caves, we love boats, we LOVE Nick Cave and his Boatman's call! Besides the Blue cave Croatia (which is actually NOT located on Vis island, but rather Biševo island, right behind Vis itself) there are other interesting caves and [...]

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Blue cave Croatia description- THE LIGHT IN THE STONE

About the book "The light in the stone" - Blue cave Croatia description ("U kamenu svjetlo") by Joško Bužanić Blue cave Croatia Blue cave Croatia Blue cave Croatia „U kamenu svjetlo“ („The light in the stone“) is not just a rarity, it's a phenomenon in Croatia. It is a book about the Blue cave on [...]

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