COVID19 refund policy: 100% deposit refund for the cancellation up to 48h prior to the tour start.

The fact you’re here means the “value for money” is your Nº1 priority, and you’re wise enough to consider A DIFFERENT COMPANY:
Small but WELL ORGANIZED | Family run but PROFESSIONAL | Relaxed but HARD WORKING | Fast thinking but HONEST. Consequently – a bit more expensive but WORTH IT!
We are a group of FAMILY members and FRIENDS, 18 years in the business and 30+ years together.
We invite you to experience our lifestyle, to visit our home and to be one of us. 

In order to make the Blue cave tour available and suitable for every pocket, this year we’re introducing 3 price categories!

MORE than just a tour, an EMOTION!

① DeLuxe Blue cave tour - 140,00 €

All inclusive tour with grilled lunch and drinks

LUXURY BOAT - big, fast, safe, comfortable

AMAZING grilled lunch & drinks - fish, meat, vege

Wi-Fi, Music, Breakfast and Drinks on board

Money back GUARANTEE - if it's not worth it

 Two more options: cheaper and the cheapest!

② Standard Blue cave tour - 110,00 €

Similar but cheaper, without lunch.

GREAT BOAT - big, fast, safe, comfortable

Lunch AVAILABLE on request, for extra payment

Wi-Fi, Music, refreshments on board

Money back GUARANTEE - if it's not worth it

③ Budget Blue cave tour - 90,00 €

Cheapest possible

FAST BOAT - fun, fast, safe

Lunch AVAILABLE on request, for extra payment

Music, bottled water on board

Money back GUARANTEE - if it's not worth it


The Blue cave tour is too long or too expensive? Try the Blue Lagoon tour. Only with better boats and more inclusions.


Up to 13 guests in total.
Perfect for people who enjoy meeting others, for those who find the private tour to maybe being too expensive.

A PRIVATE TOUR 720,00 € per boat

A tour just for you and your group, nobody else.
Perfect for those who want an intimate and private experience.


Want a getaway on your own? If you’re not keen on spending your day with anyone except your own companions, here are your options


Private Blue lagoon half-day tour


Hvar & Pakleni private tour


Hvar & Zlatni Rat Private Tour


Private DeLuxe Blue cave tour


Private luxury sunset tour


Custom tours – create your own


Sightseeing & SUNSET TOURS

How about some cheap, short and sweet tours? Take your pick.