“Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”

Boating and sea tours specialists.

YES, We are more expensive – We’re worth it.
YES, We own the boats – and run our own tours.
YES, We CARE about you – you’re not just a number.
YES, you pay AFTER the tour – if you’re satisfied.
NO, we don’t do discounts – neither does Ferrari.

The fact you’re here means the “value for money” is your Nº1 priority, and you’re wise enough to consider A DIFFERENT COMPANY:
Small but WELL ORGANIZED | Family run but PROFESSIONAL | Relaxed but HARD WORKING | Fast thinking but HONEST. Consequently – a bit more expensive but WORTH IT!
We are a group of FAMILY members and FRIENDS, 18 years in the business and 30+ years together.
We invite you to experience our lifestyle, to visit our home and to be one of us. 

GASTRO BLUE CAVE TOUR more than just a tour, an EMOTION!

Our award-winning Gastro DeLuxe Blue cave tour is available as a shared/group tour and a private tour.

Sightseeing & SUNSET TOURS

How about some cheap, short, and sweet tours? Take your pick:


Want a getaway on your own? If you’re not keen on spending your day with anyone except your own companions, here are your options: