No more driving around

No need to go crazy driving around in circles trying to find a parking lot close to your hotel. You arrive at the closest walkind distance from your hotel- we would send you Google map or Whatsapp location upon reserving your Valet Service, just fallow it, and there you’d be met by our staff.

No more carrying your luggage

There is no need to carry those heavy bags from your parking lot to the hotel. It would take you at least 10-15 minutes to carry your luggage through heavily crowded city center and you would have to orientate yourself to even find the hotel now that you have driven away to find the parking.

24/7 Support

We are on stand-by all day. You can reach us online, or via phone (Whatsapp, Viber or Skype) almost any time. If we’re not there for you that instant, due to different sides of the world, we’re fast to contact you back. Give us try, a run for our money, so to speak.

Language  advantage

All of us speak next to perfect English, besides other languages. We are here for you in Italian, German, Czech, Polish, Spanish etc. Communication is important, and we take it very seriously.



Tell us where you’re going and one of our experienced valets will be there to park your car.


Our trained valets will take your care and leave you to your own schedule, hassle free.


Our valets will not only park your car in one of our secure lots, they’ll also wash and fuel it. Just ask.


When you’re ready to leave, tell us where you want your car returned and we’ll deliver it anywhere within our service zone!

We recommend that you request at least 1 hour in advance.

Order a Valet

20,00 €

Take my car