Wather forecast for after June 15th

This is not typical blog post, it’s a “heads up” for all those who want to join us (or our competitors) for the next few days, after June 15th: the weather forecast is nor good for any sea tours, especially for the Blue cave tour.

Extremely strong souther wind called “Jugo” is announced for Thursday, June 16th, so strong it will stop all the of sea traffic, including the ferry boats!

And that means no Blue cave visits will be possible for the few following days due to the bigh waves, hight tide and so called “dead sea” phenomena- even the next day when the wind stops the tide and the hight waves will remain in that area.

Blue cave is located at Biševo island, closest one to Italy, and there’s nothing to protect it by blocking the waves like islands Šolta and Brač “protect” Split.

The Blue cave entrance itself is so small you have to duck your head while entering, and the hight tide and waves make it literally invisible.

This is the screenshot of June 16th weather forecast: web_uv10_SPLI_57and if you click on it it would take you to the official “Meteorological and hydrological service of Croatia” website, where you can follow the changes by the hour.

Hopefully, we have helped some of you to plan your vacation is Split. 🙂