Things to do while in Split

Let’s see few things to do in Split

We love our city’s history, we’re proud of it and it’s being recognized all over the world in the last few years. That resulted in increased interest and number of visitors of our 1700+ years old birthplace. And that’s awesome, business wise and quality of life wise.

But, history is in the past, and we should look forward, to the future. We believe there ase still things to do, to change to improve and to offer.

Business aside, we’d like to point out few places to visit, few things to see and few things to do, while in Split. Important is to say we have no finacial or whatsover gain from this, we are only sharing our own experiences and we consider the fallowing to be quality stuff.


  1. Restaurant Bookeria – just amazing food with a twist, given the chef is not from Split, not even from Croatia. So, he brings unique perspective on Dalmatian cuisine. Our favorite meal is duck breasts in red vine.
  2. Trattoria Tinel – unbeliveable back yard, unusual food combinations- our favourite is Ramsteak with shrimps (shrimps and sauce)
  3. Konoba Feral – right next to Tinel- we have never seen such an owner – trying to meet and indulge every guest, checking if food portions are big enough, funny and very dear man. Favourite meal – wild tuna steak with greens.


  1. Coffe bar Vidilica – located at the brink of Marjan Hill, the name literally means “observatory” and the view of the entire city is next to none.
  2. Luxor – located in the geometrical center of the Diocletian’s palace, at the Emperor’s square, it has probably the best location ever, given it’s in the very heart of UNESCO listed site. Big coffe with cream is 10,00 kuna (approx 1,4 €) and you’re sitting outside wher Diocletian himself used to.
  3. Matejuška – not a bar, it’s a hangout area that used to be exclusively for the locals. Lately it turned out to be the destination for tourists also. Young(ish) people bring their own drinks at tha waterfront promenade between main promenade “Riva” and newely built west coast.


  1. Marjan Hill, Bene – grab a bike or take a walk around Marjan hill and you’ll find yourselves going through untouched nature, a park that city managed to preserve for its people and for the visitors.
  2. Bačvice beach – the only sandy beach in the city is one of the most popular destinations amongst the locals and tourists too. Beach bars, bars, restaurants, jet ski rentals, etc. One could ask for no more. 🙂
  3. Waterfont promenade and west coast promenade – you can’t miss those, simply due to their locations. This is where you see and feel the pulse and habits of locals. Numerous bars and lounges few meters away from the palm trees and sea. If you ask the locals what’s would be their favourite things to do in Split, those would’ve won by far. We rest our case. 🙂

Diocletian’s palace is a topic of its own, so we’re just going to inclose a link to a an existing article about interesting facts.Things to do in Split

A lots of things to do in Split