Honest thing to say

Split Sea Tours Blog – Weather issues


We feel the need to say something about our signature tour, Five islands tour, and we’ll try to be as honest and straightforward as possible..

The season is kicking in, more and more people want to see the amazing wonder of nature, spectacular Blue cave.
Navigation from Split usually lasts about 90-100 minutes, but that’s all subjected to weather conditions, wind direction and strenght and waves.
Think of it as a 100m sprint on Olympics- there’s always a wind direction/speed displayed on screen, remeber?
That could prolonge the navigation time..
Furthermore, upon arrival to the island of Bisevo (Blue cave location) we have to pay to get inside with small official boats (ours is too big to enter, but the entrance fee is included in the price).
Now we come to the “more and more people want to visit the Blue cave” part- dozen people can fit in the small boat at the time, and that creates the cue to get in.

Split Sea Tours - Honest thing to say - Weather issues
Which might result with “bending” the itinerary of the tour.
We are among the few ones leaving earlier in the morning in attempt to arrive there before the line starts, and that’s basically all we can do about that issue.

Second thing we want to emphasize is the Zlatni rat part of the tour.
In Split there are variety (8 actually) of different wind types, and they differentiate in strenght, direction and temperature.
Getting there from Hvar and back to Split sometimes can be choppy due to a sea canal between those 2 islands, and aforementioned winds, if the “wrong” one picks up.

Split Sea Tours - Honest thing to say - Weather issues  Split Sea Tours - Honest thing to say - Weather issues

What we’re trying to say is this- only thing we can’t infulence is nature.
This is an amazingly well designed tour, but it is not a limuzine ride on the highway.
We do, in any case, have one of the biggest, strongest and most stable speed boats in Split, with sun, wind and sea protection, so we wish you a pleasant day if you join us.

Split Sea Tours Team.