The winter is coming – Season finale – last Blue cave tour from Split in 2016.

The winter is coming

Pun intended, to start off with that 🙂

Summer is over, season has finished, boats are at the dry dock, office is closed. Season 2016. in a nutshell:


  1. Gods of tourism have been good to us, to Split, to Croatia, once again. Yet another season with increase of tourists in this little piece of Earth we are so in love with. And we thank every and each one of you for visiting, for staying and for making memories here, for yourselves and us alike.
  2. Our company’s rating grew aswell, from Google ranking through an amazing TripAdvisor positioning to huge increase in our webiste online bookings. Again- thank you all, for trusting us with a day of your well deserved vacation. RESPECT!
  3. A handfull of constructive criticism have made us improve, actually. And that is a good thing, making us better for the next days and tours, and we are also grateful, in our personal and our future guests’ behalf.
  4. We became a part of “Boat owners association of Split” and we have learned a great deal about competitors/co-operators relationships, which has only made us wiser for it. 🙂
  5. Blue cave tour has show incredible growth in Split visitors’ interest- there have been approx 300 guests booking the tour (with us and other agencies alike) A DAY! To put that in perspective, when we created “Blue cave tour” from Split 6 years ago (yes, we were the FIRST ones) entire season’s bookings were 113 guests! Now, THREE TIMES AS MUCH EVERY SINGLE DAY! Amazing.
  6. It was obvious we have found an awesome partner on Hvar island where we were taking our guests for lunch, and that wqs one of the highlights of our tour, and we hereby thank Mr. Matko and  “Arsenol Hvar” staff for thir hard work and hospitality.


We bid you farewell and see you in a few months, Season 2017. All we can say is


The winter IS coming and we are actually looking forward to well deserved time off. But not for long. New things are already in development, the NEW BOAT is being manufactured as we speak.

Vacation starts in 3, 2, 1, NOW!