5 times 5 equals 25!

Yesterday (June 28th) we were THE ONLY company in Split that cancelled their Five islands tour. To be more accurate, only company that cancelled their boat tour of any kind, since everyone knew (us and the other companies alike) the weather is going to be rough, wind would be strong and the blue cave would be closed. Honestly, we weren’t too happy to loose a day and money, but we felt we should listen to our guts and our business policy.

Reward came sooner than we thought- another amazing TripAdvisor review, praising our CEO and our staff for providing a great day. We even recieved an E-mail prior to posting, yet another, TA review, from a guest who was extremely satisfied with everything we promissed and delivered.

Now, it’s clear humans need money to make a living. Unfortunatelly, that’s the way world functions. But what makes us human is not how much money you make but what you make other people feel.

Jade, a happy customer