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We don’t claim to be the best, but we try to be unique and we do our best to do it. We are boat excursions Split experts.

Whom ever you decide to trust with one of your precious vacation days, make sure to read some feedback from previous guests.
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We are a family

This is a family run company, built from the scratch. We are not employees waiting to get the job done, pick up the check at the end of the day and leave.

Angelo – owner – corresponding with all of you, meeting every single guest in the morning before the tour, bringing breakfast and everything else

Tina – Angelo’s sister – meeting all the guests after the tour to check if everything was as promised, managing everything throughout the day

Mate – Tina’s husband – he’s your skipper, spending the day with you

Bojan – Angelo’s best friend – he cooks for you in his own house on Vis

This is our life, our children’s future, not a job but a lifestyle.

We do small groups only

We do not aspire to be or become a huge agency with 100 boats and thousands of guests.

We meet every guest in person, treating them like real people, not like numbers.

Maximum number of guests per boat is 11!

All inclusive boat tours

Grilled lunch at our own summer house in a private bay on island Vis – this is our family’s vacation home that we have taken off and AirBnB so that only OUR GUEST could enjoy it!

Menus to choose from:

Seafood menu:

  • Grilled premium (white) fish, shrimps, calamari or tuna, blue fish etc

Meat menu:

  • Mixed plate of grilled chicken, beef, pork, wheal, etc

Vegetarian menu:

  • Mixed plate of grilled vegetables, potatoes, fresh salad, eggs on demand


  • 1) Domestic wine
  • 2) Beer (Domestic or foreign)
  • 3) Coca-Cola
  • 4) Mineral water
  • 5) Water
  • 6) Coffee

+15 Years of experience

We started a long time ago, in 2001. We were just teenagers, worked for others in hotels, hostels, campsites and marinas. We managed other agencies before deciding it’s time to grow up and claim our own. Our youth combined with years of experience and sheer quantity of our guests make us boat excursions Split ideal choice

+30000 Customers

Every season we have over 2000 guests on all of our tours combined. Trust us here- there’s nobody with that kind of personal contact with tourists in Split, not even remotely. And, we try to meet every single one of them personaly, on boats, vehicles city tours or check-in.

24/7 Support

We are on stand-by all day. You can reach us online, or via phone (Whatsapp, Viber or Skype) almost any time. If we’re not there for you that instant, due to different sides of the world, we’re fast to contact you back. Give us try, a run for our money, so to speak.

Constant improvement

We really do our best to be different, and the way we do it to constantly re-imagine and upgrade our offer and our tours. We either get new boats and cars, or add extra incentive for our guests (lunch, snorkeling gear, refreshments, etc).

Language  advantage

All of us speak next to perfect English, besides other languages. We are here for you in Italian, German, Czech, Polish, Spanish etc. Communication is important, and we take it very seriously.

Love for the job

What used to be job, quickly turned into love. Before it was job it was hobby. We love visitors, love meeting different people from all over the world. boat excursions Split


We are at your service from the moment your plane touches Croatian soil, or your car/bus/train/boat brings you here. Anything you need help with, we’re at your disposal, even before you even step one foot in our country. We can help you with finding accommodation, organizing transportation, recommending places to eat at or even minding your luggage.
Boat excursions Split to adjacent islands are our strong point, but we’re so much more.

Welcome to Split, relax and let us take care of you.


We are a team – Boat excursions Split experts

All for one, one for all. That’s how we roll. We are many, and it’s a good thing to have a legion on your side while abroad. 🙂


Owner and CEO, 16 years in business. Polyglot with massive experience. Worked in 4 different cities and every single field of tourism, from marinas to hotels. A true Boat excursions Split know-it-all. Father of 2 boys, enjoys movies, boats, and computers.


The cook, the supply manager, THE MAN.

Responsible for the most delicious home cooked meal you would have the pleasure of having at any tour. Ever!


Sales manager. 10 years in the business, hard working and a straight shooter. Mother of a baby girl, enjoys sandy beaches, horseback riding and speed boats.


Lead skipper,  years of experience behind the steering helm. Calm and cool as ice, he’s seen it all. Safest hands you could get into.

Frequently asked questions

Well, you can pay after you receive an invoice by us, upon your booking inquiry. You can do it using online payment and/or using PayPal. And, for booking any of our tours, you can pay only deposit of 20%, while the rest can be paid before the departure of the tour.

Unfortunately not. Payment is done via PayPal, wire transfer or cash.

When you fill out “tour cart”requested fields, we’ll get an E-mail inquiry.

According to that, we’ll send your invoice based on the provided data.

Another easy question: you’ll get an E-mail, SMS/Whatsapp/Viber etc confirmation, and a booking voucher.

Any tour can be cancelled or postponed up to 48 hours prior to departure. That way you can get full refund, exchange for some other tour or you can postpone for some other day more suitable to your free time arrangements.

Well, we always try to keep in touch with our guests by exchanging full contact data: E-mails, phone numbers, accommodation address and contacts. If you are running late or not showing up, we’d appreciate if you called us you’re running late or similar. That way we can make an estimate can we find the time to wait for you, in order for you not to miss your tour. If you just do not show up, unfortunately, you lose your deposit (same as missing your flight, eg).

Since we are talking about a boat tour at the sea, only thing that could prevent tour from happening is non-adequate weather forecast. In that case, you’d be informed and offered few options: full refund, postponing for some other day, or booking some other tour. If the weather gets bad during the tour itself (rise of the wind and waves, heavy rain etc), since it lasts for almost 12 hours, our captains reserve the right to alter the route and/or destinations after consulting with management and you (guests on board) because safety of our passengers always comes first. If by any chance the Blue cave itself gets closed due to the unfavourable weather conditions during the tour, guests would be refunded the Blue cave admission fee.


No really, why us?!

The boat itself

11 m of lenght – of the the biggest in Split
3,5 m of width – spacious, accommodates up to 20 guests, but we go with 14
350 hp Cummins engine – BRAND NEW, installed April 2016.
Bimini top in the front, sundeck in the back – sundbathing or drinks in the shade

Affordable packages for any pocket

We have prepared 3 different tour options, making everyone able to meet their travel budget.

Grilled lunch on Vis island

Grilled lunch with wine – live fire makes your food taste delicious and enjoyed in a private bay without 10000 other boats & guests

The reason we started our own business is a desire to work with smaller number of guests at the time. It’s not because we’re afraid of hard work; it’s due to our desire to pay more attention to each guest. And that’s why we meet each and every guest of ours in person, and why actively participate in our tours ourselves.

We divide our time between office and field work. We answer your E-mails, we explain our offer in person at our outposts at Split’s waterfront promenade, we help you with your luggage/parking/bus schedule/restaurant recommendations/city maps etc. We meet you in the morning before tour’s departure, bring you your desired refreshment and we welcome you back when the tour is finished.

We really believe our rates are fair and properly calculated. Every tour of ours took time to plan, effort, manpower and resources to even be possible. VAT, vehicles cost, fuel, guide’s diplomas, office rental and staff paychecks are the reason why we take ourselves seriously. So that is why you get what you paid for.