1) See what you're getting for your money. It actually saves you money, effort & time

Since every smart person chooses wisely how and where to spend their time & money, we feel this would be easiest way to describe the differences between our all inclusive DeLuxe Blue cave tour and other agencies’ price dumping / quality reducing cheap Blue cave tours. The best way to explain the differences is to compare them side by side. Before you choose the one you like and can afford, see what you’re getting for your money.

Difference of average 10,00 – 15,00 € (Deluxe tour compared with everyone else’s Blue cave tours) is, as you can see, well exceeded, without counting snorkeling equipment and towels in. 🙂
And, last but not least, you do not have to worry or think about any of this stuff, your “job” is to relax and enjoy the tour.

2) Although we have FAQ page, again we're gonna address some issues

1)  We do not visit Green cave any more (starting mid July 2017) due to an unfair move by our government – giving it to a private corporation in the middle of the summer, with the goal of making private profit for some shady people, instead leaving it for all the local people and visitors to enjoy the beauty of one more Croatia’s astonishing site.

  • Not a single tour agency visits the Green cave anymore, not just us.
  • Feel free to ask around.

2) Stiniva cove is not a very good swimming destination – but everyone wants to go see it, and that’s why we go there (peer pressure)

  • Stiniva is gorgeous to look at, and it’s great for taking some photos
  • Beach itself is surrounded by safety nets, and there is no way to get to the beach with a speed boat unless some of the local people (living close by) shows mercy and lets you in. But that is near impossible since a lot of the get there early and they occupy the beach since they can move the net and approach the very beach
  • There are a lot of sea urchins and there are much better beaches close by
  • In our opinion, Stiniva cove should not be advertised as a swimming  destination, and outside of the cove itself is not as interesting

3) We do not go for a tour if we know the weather is not good enough or the Blue cave would be closed

  • Even if it seems nice here (in Split) keep in mind our city is in a “Bay” – protected by 3 different islands (Brač, Šolta and Hvar), it might be rough out there at the open sea
  • Vis island and Biševo island (Blue cave location) are unprotected, left at the mercy of sea and wind, there is only 50 miles of open sea toward to Italy
  • This is a speed boat tour, not a limo ride at the highway – highly influenced by nature’s will.
  • We receive a text message (SMS) from the Blue cave Ltd manager every morning, letting us know if the Blue cave is closed – please check with us before of after the tour if the cave was closed without us knowing so.
  • In case the Blue cave was suddenly closed during the day without prior notification by the Blue cave Ltd manager, and we’re already on the tour, a refund for the Blue cave admission is issued to every guest (70,00 kn per person)

4) We feel the best possible tour would be this one: (some amazing sites and some less crowded but more amazing locations: best of both worlds!)

  • Blue cave  – Biševo island: this really has to be seen, not much to say here, really
  • Komiža town – Vis island: 2 years in a row declared to be the most charming fisherman village in the Mediterranean; great for a coffee break
  • Budikovac green bay – Ravnik island; close to our lunch bay, great for swimming and snorkeling
  • Milna bay lunch – Vis island; our lunch in our own summer house in our own bay on the most preserved island in our country! Say no more!
  • Red rocks – Hvar island; nobody goes there, and the only reason we’re skipping this amazing site is to keep up with everyone else time wise
  • Hvar town – Hvar island; same as the Blue cave, no need for an explanation.