Obala Lazareta 1, 21000, Split, Croatia (5)
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 DeLuxe Blue cave tour Croatia from Split – unique and personal   

WHY NOT TO BOOK our DeLuxe Blue cave tour:
Photos: Courtesy of www.Yacht-Rent.com

  • Meeting location & time
    We meet at the very waterfront promenade Riva,  right in front of the Diocletian Palace’s southern basements entrance, AT OUR PIRATE SHIP “SANTA MARIA”

    Usually, we depart at 08:00h but this is the situation:
    Many (MANY) boats are heading out for the same tour, due to its popularity.
    That creates a huge cue for the Blue cave itself, and it might happen you would have to wait up to 2h to get inside.
    And that messes up the tour, as a result.

    Since 99% of the tour companies depart at 08:00h, it means we would have head start of 30 minutes, beating couple hundreds of guests to the Blue cave.

    Click here to see the location photo

    Click to see our location on Google Steet View                  (Address: Obala Lazareta 1, 21000 Split)                             We’re exactly where the black motorcycle (scooter) is.

  • Departure
    Tour starts when everyone is accounted for and seated on the speedboat.

  • Blue cave – Destination one
    Sightseeing of the Blue cave.

    NEED TO KNOW: Blue cave itself is ruled by a company called “Nautički centar Komiža”. They are the ones selling tickets, getting the revenue and taking you inside of the Blue cave with their small boats. Therefore, they are the ones to decide how long one stays inside, and it is usually 7-10 minutes. We can not influence that. : ( Nobody can![/banner]

  • Komiža town / Vis island – Destination two

    Declared TWICE to be the most beautiful fishermen village in the Mediterranean, hence Komiža is an amazing coffee break after a long ride. Sit down, relax, have breakfast and take some amazing photos. Or take a swim. Finally, it’s up to you- it’s a free program.

  • Green cave 

    Take a swim at the Green cave

    Blue Lagoon / Budikovac island – Destination three

    READ CAREFULLY: Green cave has recently (middle of July) been privatized  by a certain business group from Zagreb, and the access is denied (they request additional payment to enter the cave, for the first ever)
    All the tour companies have decided to fight their unfair behavior, so have we, and for that reason, we are going to the Green lagoon for additional swim and snorkeling, at the Budikovac bay.

  • Vis island / LUNCH – Destination four
    Grilled lunch in the private bay guest house. Also, you can swim without disturbance, it’s private and peaceful.

    GOOD NEWS: This is not a restaurant, but our own private summer house with lunch and drinks (coffee and ice cream too) just for our guests. Your lunch is home cooked (grilled) food, probably as close as it gets to be the food you’d serve your dearest friends visiting your own house. 🙂
    In addition, there is a beach approx 5 m from your lunch, with lots of things to do, like stand-up paddle (extra cost, organized by a lady next doors), snorkeling etc

    Click here to see the lunch location photo
  • Hvar town- Destination five
    Free time for sightseeing Hvar town. It’s a free program, so you could go to the Fortress, get some coffee or maybe cocktails. Or rather just chill.

  • Paklinski islands – bonus destination
    Enjoy a quiet bay for the last day’s swim before we go back to Split.

  • Arrival to Split
    Finally, we’re home. Thank you for joining us. 🙂 Don’t forget to rate us on TripAdvisor and our Facebook page.

Scroll up to see “Departure, Included, Lunch, Tour map”

Usually, we depart at 08:00h but this is the situation:
It is top of the season, many many boats are heading out for the same tour.
That creates a huge cue for the Blue cave itself, and it might happen you would have to wait up to 2h to get inside.
And that messes up the tour.

To avoid that, we have decided to leave earlier: at 07:30h.
So we would meet at 07:15h instead of 07:45h.

99% of the tour companies depart at 08:00h which means we would have a head start of 30 minutes, beating couple hundreds of guests to the Blue cave.


Click here to see the larger photo

Click to see our location on Google Steet View 

(Address: Obala Lazareta 1, 21000 Split)

We’re exactly where the black motorcycle (scooter) is.

  • Program as described
  • Boat
  • Fuel
  • Skipper
  • Blue cave entrance fee
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Towels on the boat
  • Safety equipment on the boat
  • Docking fees
  • Grilled lunch & drinks in our summer house
  • Bottled water on the boat
  • Drinks on the boat (beer, wine, soft drinks, sodas)
  • Pastry on the boat (croissants or donuts or waffles)
  • Fruit on the boat (seasonal fruit)
  • Ice cream
  • Coffee
  • Jackets
  • Safety gear
  • Insurance

Grilled lunch at our own summer house in a private bay on island Vis – this is our family’s vacation home that we have taken off Booking.com and AirBnB so that only OUR GUESTS could enjoy it!!

NOT a restaurant, but a HOMEMADE meal. Enjoy!

Blue cave tour - Deluxe from Split
Menus to choose from:
  • Seafood menu:
  • Grilled premium (white) fish, shrimps, calamari or tuna, blue fish etc
  • Meat menu:
  • Mixed plate of grilled chicken, beef, pork, veal, etc
  • Vegetarian menu:
  • Mixed plate of grilled vegetables, potatoes, fresh salad, eggs on demand
  • Beverages:
  • 1) Domestic wine
  • 2) Beer (Domestic or foreign)
  • 3) Coca-Cola & Sprite & Fanta
  • 4) Mineral water
  • 5) Water
  • 6) Coffee

Since every smart person chooses wisely how and where to spend their time & money, we feel this would be the easiest way to describe the differences between our all-inclusive DeLuxe Blue cave tour and other agencies‘ price dumping/quality reducing cheap Blue cave tours. The best way to explain the differences is to compare them side by side. Before you choose the one you like and can afford, see what you’re getting for your money.

Oh, one more thing: to clarify the cost:



Frequently asked questions

Well, primarily by filling out the booking form and using PayPal. If you don't have it, you can pay after you've received an invoice by us, upon your booking inquiry. For booking any of our tours, you can pay only the down payment  of 20%, while the doue amount can be paid on the day.

Yes you can, we have a credit card machine on the boat.

When you fill out "tour cart"requested fields, you'll get an E-mail confirmation upon payment.

Another easy question: you’ll get an E-mail, SMS/Whatsapp/Viber etc confirmation, and a booking voucher.

Any tour can be cancelled or postponed up to 48 hours prior to departure. That way you can get full refund, exchange for some other tour or you can postpone for some other day more suitable to your free time arrangements.

Well, we always try to keep in touch with our guests by exchanging full contact data: E-mails, phone numbers, accommodation address and contacts. If you are running late or not showing up, we’d appreciate if you called us you’re running late or similar. That way we can make an estimate can we find the time to wait for you, in order for you not to miss your tour. If you just do not show up, without 48h notice, unfortunately, you lose your deposit (same as missing your flight, eg).

Since we are talking about a boat tour at the sea, the thing that could prevent tour from happening is non-adequate weather forecast. In that case, you’d be informed and offered few options: full refund, postponing for some other day, or booking some other tour. If the weather gets bad during the tour itself (rise of the wind and waves, heavy rain etc), since it lasts for almost 12 hours, our captains reserve the right to alter the route and/or destinations after consulting with management and you (guests on board) because safety of our passengers always comes first. If by any chance the Blue cave itself gets closed due to the unfavorable weather conditions during the tour, guests would be refunded the Blue cave admission fee.