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How many people get to say they were the captain of the real pirate ship on their vacation?!

You could be one of them. As simple as that..
Our pirate ship is available for a private charter, from 09:00 until 17:00h.
You just need to let us know how many of your friends/family members/business partners would be YOUR pirate crew, and we’ll take care of the rest.
We would even make your food while you steer the ship, make your mother in law walk the plank, or have your kid’s birthday party at the most awesome birthday present he/she could ever imagine.
Besides that, we have already organized anniversaries, stag and hen parties, and even weddings.
In a nutshell, our pirate ship is an ideal thing to have fun at: everyone chips in, split the cost, and have it just for yourselves.

Ship info

[cq_vc_flipbox avatarstyle=”fixed” frontfullimage=”5551″ avatartype=”icon” avataricon=”entypo” icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-info” frontcontentcolor=”#131bf4″ backcontent=”Length over all: 15,80 m
Width: 3,85 m
Beam: 1,80 m
Engine: Famos Marine 70KW
Fuel Tank: 780 l
Cabins: 4
Toilets: 3
Passengers: 15
Bimini top, Cabin, Icebox, Shower, Audio System” backcontentcolor=”#dd5a5a” cardstyle=”customized” frontbg=”#f26d7d” backbg=”#ffffff” cardborder=”solid” bordercolor=”#0c0c0c” avatarsize=”50″ titlesize=”1,4″ iconcolor=”#ffffff” iconbg=”#f26d7d”]


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