See what you're getting for your money. It actually saves your money, effort and time

Since every smart person chooses wisely how and where to spend their time & money, we feel this would be easiest way to describe the differences between our all inclusive DeLuxe Blue cave tour and other agencies’ price dumping / quality reducing cheap Blue cave tours. The best way to explain the differences is to compare them side by side. Before you choose the one you like and can afford, see what you’re getting for your money.

Oh, one more thing: to clarify the cost:

  • Bottled water: 1,00 € per bottle (2-3 bottles per guest), in average 2,00 € per person
  • Beer: 1,50 € per can
  • Wine: 4,00 € per glass (we buy 8,00 € bottles)
  • Coca Cola: 1,00 € per person
  • Pastry: 2,00 € per person (every guest has at least 2)
  • Ice tea: 1,50 € per bottle
  • Ice-cream: 1,00 € per person
  • Blue cave admission: 9,00 € per person
  • LUNCH: 20,00 € per person
  • Snorkels (every few weeks new ones)
  • Towels (every few weeks new ones)

Difference of average 30,00 € (Deluxe tour compared with cheap Blue cave tours) is, as you can see, well exceeded, without counting snorkeling equipment and towels in. 🙂
And, last but not least, you do not have to worry or think about any of this stuff, your “job” is to relax and enjoy the tour.